Why Is The Bioavailability Of CBD Important?

Bioavailability Of CBD
Bioavailability Of CBD
Bioavailability Of CBD
Bioavailability Of CBD

Bioavailability is a term we often hear in discussions about CBD. What does the term mean and why is the property important? Let us find out in this article.

What Is CBD?

CBD is a cannabis compound that is found in all varieties of cannabis plants although its percentage is different for different plant types. The hemp plant has CBD as its major active cannabinoid while marijuana has higher THC levels than CBD. THC is another cannabinoid that has various therapeutic properties like CBD. However, unlike CBD, it has intoxicating properties that could give the users a high.

What Is Bioavailability?

Bioavailability of a substance refers to the percentage of the substance that gets absorbed into our bloodstream when we take it. The bioavailability of CBD is not the same for all types of products. Several factors in addition to their consumption method influence bioavailability. When it comes to topical CBD products, the CBD content does not reach the bloodstream at all.

What Factors Determine The Bioavailability Of CBD?

Here are the factors that determine the bioavailability of CBD:

Consumption method: The bioavailability values associated with various CBD intake methods differ from one another. Vaping and dabbing are highly bioavailable CBD intake methods while consuming CBD infused edibles deliver only a small portion of the CBD contained in them to the user’s bloodstream.

CBD extraction method: Special extraction methods are employed to derive CBD and other cannabinoids from cannabis plants. The quality of the extraction method has a lot to do with bioavailability. CO2 extraction is the best extraction method in that respect. It derives all beneficial compounds from the plant matter without distorting the stability of the compounds.

Type of hemp extract used: Hemp extract used to make CBD products belongs to either of the three spectrum options; full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate. The full-spectrum extract contains all important cannabinoids and terpenes. It includes THC but in percentages less than 0.3%. The broad-spectrum extract is quite similar to full-spectrum extract but the former does not contain THC. CBD isolate does not contain any compound other than CBD.

Full-spectrum extract offers maximum bioavailability.

The freshness of the product: How old the CBD product is, determines its bioavailability to some extent. Fresher CBD products are more bioavailable. Study the product label and the date of packaging to see if the product is fresh.

Higher bioavailability means smaller doses of the CBD product would be enough to meet your requirements.