Can You Flunk A Drug Test If You Take CBD?

CBD Drug Test
CBD Drug Test
CBD Drug Test
CBD Drug Test

The answer to the question is ‘Yes’. We would be lying if we said that such a situation has never happened.

While most of the CBD products in the market contain very little THC (<0.3), due to the lack of stringent regulation in the CBD market a few bad apples among the good CBD manufacturers exists. The rare circumstances that the CBD drug test flags a positive is especially a reality for long-term CBD users whose body ends up building up trace amounts of THC.

CBD And Drug Tests

Will you fail a drug test because of CBD? No.

This is because of the fact that work-related drug testing doesn’t screen for CBD. So, CBD on its own will never cause you to fail a drug test; but one thing that will cause you to fail is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). This means that you won’t be drug tested for CBD, but you will be drug tested for THC.

Any of the CBD-infused products that don’t contain THC, will never show up on the drug test.

Most of the drug tests started by employers involve the collection and sending of samples to drug testing companies that run the tests on their machines. The technicians look for evidence of a by-product of THC. As per federal law, hemp-based products are legally bound to have less than 0.3% of THC of the total dry weight.

If you were to ingest extremely high doses of CBD (say 1000mg/day), then you will still end up ingesting traces of THC (say at least 1mg/day). To avoid accidentally exposing yourself to THC, you need to limit yourself to good quality CBD products by manufacturers that pride in taking strict quality control measures to ensure the regulation and safety aspects are adhered to.

  • Make sure to study the product thoroughly before you hit the “add to cart” button or head over to the checkout line. You can read extensively from varied sources, be it forums, review sites and networking sites; and make a well-researched decision on what to buy. Even if it costs extra, but if it is good, then it is worth the money spent—both for your health and your occupation.
  • Make sure to choose those products that list exactly the quantity of CBD and THC that are present in them. You need to know exactly how much of what you are putting in your body— there are no two ways around it!