Foods That Can Increase The Absorption Of CBD

CBD Bioavailability
CBD Bioavailability
CBD Bioavailability
CBD Bioavailability

A lot of people choose to add CBD oil to their foods so that it will be easy and convenient for them to take it. The bitter taste that is commonly associated with CBD can make it uncomfortable for people to take it directly. So mixing it with other foods and drinks can help to mask this taste effectively thereby making it easy to consume CBD oil.

You can add CBD oil to a wide variety of foods including baked items, salads, smoothies, shakes, tea, coffee, etc. However, it is better to avoid cooking with CBD oil in high temperatures, as it can reduce the potency of this oil. Hence, you may not receive the desired effects from your CBD oil.

There are a lot of things you have to be aware of when taking CBD oil along with other foods. Some of the important points you have to notice are mentioned below.

CBD Bioavailability

The bioavailability is an important factor that decides the intensity of the results you get from CBD. It is the amount of CBD that reaches your bloodstream. When you consume CBD orally, a huge portion of it will be lost during various processes like digestion and metabolism. Hence, only a small amount of CBD will reach your bloodstream. So you will have to increase the amount of CBD you consume for enhancing the intensity of the effects you get from this compound.

As CBD is very costly, wastage of this compound is not desirable. Hence, you have to make sure that your body absorbs maximum amounts of CBD for reducing the wastage and enhancing the benefits.

When taking CBD along with other foods, you have to ensure that your body is able to absorb the maximum CBD. Studies suggest that certain foods have the capability to increase the absorption of this compound thereby providing better CBD bioavailability. So you have to be aware of them for getting maximum benefits from your CBD oil. Therefore, we list some foods that can be beneficial for you to increase the absorption of CBD.

Fatty Foods

CBD is fat-soluble. Hence, consuming this compound along with different fatty foods can help to increase the absorption of this compound. Fats can also pass into the bloodstream through your mouth thereby speeding up the absorption of CBD. This can aid you to increase the CBD bioavailability thereby intensifying the effects you get.

Some of the healthy fats that you can take along with CBD for increasing its absorption include:

  • Sesame or olive oil
  • Coconut oil or MCT oil
  • Emulsified fats like those present in mayonnaise or chocolate
  • Fish
  • Avocado
  • Nuts

They are a great option to include in your recipes for increasing the absorption of CBD. This will help you to maximize the bioavailability and get better results.

But the amount of CBD absorbed by your body will vary based on the type of foods that you pair with it, as the fat present in these foods can also vary.

Herbs And Spices

CBD oil usually contains terpenes, which are compounds that are present in the hemp and cannabis plants. These compounds are greatly beneficial for you, as they exhibit various health benefits.

Terpenes are also found in many spices and herbs. Studies suggest that the presence of terpenes can also help to increase the absorption of CBD. Therefore, consuming CBD oil along with spices and herbs can be beneficial for maximizing the absorption of CBD.

Some of the spices and herbs that you can include in your diet along with CBD include black pepper, turmeric, rosemary, etc.

Another option is to take CBD along with caffeine, as it can speed up the absorption. Hence, the CBD you take will be able to hit the bloodstream quickly thereby providing fast results.

There are different CBD oils available in the market that contain different spices. Hence, having them can also help you to increase the absorption of CBD thereby providing better bioavailability.

Benefits Of Increasing The CBD Absorption

Increasing the absorption of CBD can provide you a lot of benefits. It can increase the CBD bioavailability. This can be beneficial for getting faster and intense results from this compound.

When the absorption is high, the wastage will be low. Hence, your body will be able to absorb the major portion of the CBD you consume. This can help you to get better results from your CBD oil.

Also, if the absorption of CBD is high, you can reduce the dosage you have to take. This can help you to save a significant amount, considering the huge price that you will have to pay for getting CBD products.

Taking CBD along with certain foods can help to increase the absorption of CBD. This will help you to get all the benefits of CBD easily and effectively.