Inhaling Vs. Ingesting: How To Consume CBD

Shelf Life Of CBD Oil
Shelf Life Of CBD Oil
Inhaling CBD
Inhaling CBD

People use a variety of ways to consume CBD. It includes inhalation, sublingual consumption, ingestion, and topical application. Each of these methods has its own specialties and features. Therefore, you have to choose a method that suits you the best.

Inhalation and ingesting are two popular methods used for taking CBD. They vary greatly in terms of their working and effectiveness. You have to be aware of these methods for determining the suitable one for you. Hence, we provide you some important information you want to know about e methods for finding the ideal option for you.

Inhaling CBD

Inhalation is the most effective and efficient method used for taking CBD. You can inhale CBD vapors or smoke for getting instant results. This method is widely used by people who want immediate cure from their symptoms. You can get different CBD products that are suitable for inhalation including CBD vape juice, cigarettes, etc. If you plan to vape CBD, you can have CBD vapors easily using vape pens.

How Does Vaping CBD Work?

Vaping is the common method used for inhaling CBD. It includes producing CBD vapors from vape juice using vape pens. The CBD vape juice will be heated inside the vape pens for turning into vapors. You can inhale these vapors through the mouthpiece attached to the vape pens.

CBD vape oil is usually mixed with propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine for reducing its thickness. This will, in turn, reduce the harshness of the vapors when it enters your body. Do not use your normal CBD oil in vape pens, as it will be too thick. When heated, it will burn and create toxic fumes.

Another inhalation method is smoking that you might be familiar with. You can get CBD cigarettes directly from the market that will allow you to easily smoke CBD. If you want to avoid the harsh smoke of normal cigarettes, then you can go for e-cigarettes that produce smoke from e-liquid.

When you inhale CBD, it will travel through your lungs for reaching the bloodstream. This will be quick, where the CBD will enter the bloodstream within a few minutes. Hence, you will get fast results when compared to other methods that are used for taking CBD.

Advantages Of Inhaling CBD

You can get a lot of advantages from inhaling CBD. As mentioned above, it is the fastest method for taking CBD. It can provide you results almost instantly, which makes it an ideal option for treating conditions that need an immediate cure.

This method provides higher bioavailability, i.e. more CBD will enter your bloodstream when compared to other methods, thereby providing you intense results. Hence, it can help you to avoid the wastage of CBD.

Most CBD vape oils are flavored to avoid the harsh smell and taste associated with CBD oil. Hence, you will be able to easily vape CBD without worrying about the uncomfortable taste associated with it.

The process of inhaling CBD is very simple. The vape pens will be usually pre-charged and you can get pre-filled CBD cartridges that can be used in the vape pens, making it easy for you to produce and inhale CBD vapors. Also, CBD cigarettes and e-cigarettes are directly available in the market, which can make it convenient for you to smoke CBD.

Disadvantages Of Inhaling CBD

The effects you get when you inhale CBD won’t last long when compared to other methods. Also, this option is not suitable for long-term use, as the CBD vape juice, cigarettes, etc. can have harmful ingredients that can become toxic when heated. Moreover, the vapors and smoke might irritate your lungs thereby resulting in different lung diseases. This method is not suitable for people who already have some lung disorders. Hence, you have to be careful when choosing inhalation for taking CBD.

Ingesting CBD

This is among the most widely used methods for taking CBD. You can find an unlimited variety of CBD edible products in the market, which makes it easier for you to ingest CBD. You can take CBD oil, tinctures, or isolates directly through your mouth. In addition to this, there are many other products including edibles, pills, capsules, beverages, etc.

How Does It Work?

When you take CBD orally, it will pass through different systems including digestion and metabolism before reaching the bloodstream. Hence, it will take more time to provide results.

Advantages Of Ingesting CBD

It is very easy and convenient for you to use. You can get long-lasting effects by ingesting CBD which will last up to almost six hours. Also, the variety of edible products available on the market makes it easy for you to take CBD orally.

Disadvantages Of Ingesting CBD

It will take more time to provide results, therefore, this method is not suitable for treating conditions that need immediate results. Also, bioavailability will be less thereby increasing the wastage of CBD.

Both ingesting and inhaling are common methods used for taking CBD. These methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. So you can choose an option that can fit your requirements.