Can You Use CBD For COVID-19


Our world is going through a difficult time because of the COVID pandemic. Even though no specific treatments for the disease exist right now, some patients are given medications capable of relieving symptoms like common fever and aches which are known to be helpful in the initial stages. Trials are simultaneously being conducted with antiviral drugs that were developed for other viruses and antibodies from people who have recovered from this pandemic.

There are a few scientists who, out of curiosity, checked the effect of CBD on the virus. And the result was surprising. According to their experiments, CBD might help treat COVID-19.


Firstly, you need to understand how the COVID-19 virus causes deaths.

The virus generally attacks the lungs and causes severe pneumonia which can cause respiratory failure. However, the coronavirus is not what actually kills people. During an advanced stage of pneumonia, the body deploys a “cytokine storm” as a final effort to kill the virus in the lungs. Since these cytokines are present in high amounts, the immune system attacks not only the virus but also the patient, ultimately leading to his/her death. In short, it is the immune system that kills the patient.

Fortunately, doctors have found a method to control the amount of cytokine in COVID-19 patients by using steroids. As CBD can regulate the immune system and calm the body, using it along with steroids can be more effective.

How Are Terpenes Useful In Treating COVID-19?

Research conducted during the outbreak of the SARS virus in 2002 has claimed that terpenes found in cannabis are effective potential antiviral agents. It was observed that some terpenes reduced the severity of the disease by withholding the protein that helped with the replication of the virus RNA.

Research Conducted On CBD And Coronavirus

Research conducted in Israel found that CBD-loaded exosomes, which are small structures of CBD attached to cells, responsible for communication and the delivery of macromolecules between cells, reduced the inflammation in the lungs caused in COVID-19 patients. Unfortunately, it has not yet been proven to prevent and ease illnesses caused by COVID-19.

Another study conducted on the same topic reported that the use of anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis may slow down lung infections in those diagnosed with COVID-19.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of studies conducted on humans, we cannot be certain about how CBD will affect COVID patients. Scientists also say that using cannabis for COVID-19 might be effective. However, we can conclude based on the tests conducted so far that CBD will be of aid in treating the COVID-19 and other similar viral infections in the future.